1 January 2013

Meryndat # King´s Monteros

Spanish Guardia Real ( Royal Guards ) Harley-Davidson FLHT Electra Glide Police 87´ «King of the Highway» parked before the Spanish Armed Forces parade in Día de la Hispanidad commemoration ( Hispanic Day or Columbus Day ) and Fiesta Nacional de España ( Spanish National Day )
Spain, Madrid, C/ Alcalá opposite the Círculo de Bellas Artes.
12 October 2001

Leica Camera was there
Dedicated to my Uncle Juanito, JUAN ANGUAS, Guard inspector of Juan Carlos Borbón Borbón &Felipe Borbón Grecia
King & Prince of the Kingdom of Spain

Your nephew JPA remembering your visits to my father's house on the New Year´s Day to congratulate him on his holy
More info here :
14 July 1968 ABC
Un rey para el año 2000: Felipe Borbón Grecia, príncipe de Asturias by Marino Gómez-Santos
by Amalio Moratalla Anguas : 5 January 2008 Diario Marca, extra number "El Rey del Deporte"
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