31 December 2012

Comillas Dock # Waiting for Nuevo Playa LUAÑA fishing boat

The owner and a neighbor waiting for New LUAÑA fishing boat when the sun goes down.
Spain, Cantabria, Comillas, seaport.
Spring 2008

Leica Camera was there.

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Prestige oil tanker disaster # Waiting on the dock

Pediludium # Diego Armando Maradona, Fluff, Pelusa

Diego Armando Maradona answering to Argentine Channel 9 special envoy after his first training with  Sevilla F.C. being observed by his wife at that time, Claudia Villafañe, and Carlos Navedo, his psychologist.
Spain, Seville.
14 September 1992

Thanks for all, Diego.

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215 Argentine reporters accompany Maradona to Seville by Carlos Ares/El País
More Coming soon !

28 December 2012

Grandmasters # IGM Polgár Judit, "Piercing Eyes"

On the 160th anniversary of the birth of Leonardo Torres Quevedo
IGM Polgár Judit.
Best female player in the history of chess, Internacional Grandmaster and mother.
III Torneo Magistral Comunidad de Madrid achieving the best result for a woman in history,aged 17.
Spain, Madrid, Auditorio de la ONCE, Pº de la Habana, 208
7 May 1994
Miguel Illescas vs Judit Polgar

"Judit Polgár´s Piercing Eyes"
For many years I have wondered why this photo does not have focus.
Today I know the reason

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13 May 1994 Polgár Judit achieved a historic victory in Madrid by LEONTXO GARCÍA / El País
17 May 1994 "Worth working very hard" interview by LEONTXO GARCÍA / El País
Torneo Comunidad de Madrid, May 1994
Illescas Cordoba, Miguel (2590) vs. Polgar, Judit (2630)
Polgár Judit dot COM
Polgár Judit by Jaksa Tímea

26 December 2012

Troubadours # Rockers, Pepe Risi & Negrita Guitar.

Pepe Risi & Negrita in concert with Burning group.
Spain, Toletum.
June 1992

Dedicated to Marifé Marijuan
Pepe Risi Widow

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Troubadours # Flamencos, Enrique Morente & Pepe Habichuela

21 December 2012

Deserted in the desert:sahrawis (VI)

Shelma´s daughter, member of an all-female sahrawi family, emotioned listening as their relatives tell the story of the family.
Algeria, Tindouf, Wilaya of Auserd, Sahrawi refugee camps.
April 1999

20 December 2012

17 December 2012

Looking Back # Pedro Figueruelo Parra

   Pedro Figueruelo Parra was a historic motorsport journalist whose death unknown until a few hours ago. Together with the photographer Luis Gabriel Ayuso taught me to be on a race circuit with a camera in my hands and always made ​​me feel part of the tribe of  Marca sportnewspaper.  In deference to his attitude towards me, in 1993 I gave him my vintage slot cars but no the boxes that the other day I found at home. Pedro, I'll give to your daughter the boxes for the Ferrari B-3 and Brabham BT-46 and them they can Rest in Peace until the next race. Thank You for all.

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By Miguel Ángel Linares (Magenta Press) / elEconomista.es
By Ecomotor
By Pablo Espinosa de los Monteros
2011 Car of the Year Jury

Kisses # Without retarded shutter release

Spain, Madrid, Carabanchel.
Summer 1994

Leica Camera was there.
Film revealed 16 years later and waiting last bath !

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Kisses # 3rd function

16 December 2012

Paulistas # Ariel & Tatuagem

Ariel & Tatuagem at home. Ariel playing & Tatuagem making handicrafts.
Brazil, São Paulo.
July 1997

Leica Camera was there.

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13 December 2012

Troubadours # Flamencos, Enrique Morente & Pepe Habichuela

The cantaor (flamenco singer) Enrique Morente and him inseparable guitarist Pepe Habichuela.
Spain, Madrid, Colegio Mayor San Juan Evangelista
Día de Andalucía
28 February 1993

Amparo Niño, José Miguel Carmona
 Juan Habichela, Juan Carmona, Antonio Carmona
Pepe Luis Carmona
Tino di Geraldo

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Enrique Morente
Morente by Alejandro Reyes / Revista Boronía, Club de Música y Jazz San Juan Evangelista
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8 December 2012

Landscapes 36/39 SCW # Children of War

V.(right) daughter of a Spanish mounted artillery officer streamlining in Paracuellos del Jarama, Madrid, 7 November 1936 by anarchist and communist groups controlled by Михаил Ефимович Кольцов, member of the Коминтерн and russian newspaper correspondent Правда ( the man of Сталін Йосип Віссаріонович in the spanish civil war), then being Santiago Carrillo Solares the Counsellor of Public Order of the Gasket Defense of Madrid ( Junta de Defensa de Madrid )
V.(left) was evacuated to Russia in 1937 where was formed as a person and painter. He Return to Spain with his wife and two children in the early 60´s. He collaborated on the film Доктор Живаго as a member of the artistic tecnical team.

The officer executed is my grandfather and his daughter is my aunt.
Spain, Madrid
February 1997

Cron  & film
Vintage Scanning

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Landscapes 36/39 SCW # Battle of Belchite (II)
Landscapes 36/39 SCW # Battle of Madrid, Front line general headquarters of the putschist Generals Franco & Mola
Rudy Ventura & Orquesta Vergara
Discos Vergara 448-XC 1966

7 December 2012

Albion # Londinium, Big Ben

First overseas assignment of NEW ErranTum Lumen, aged 15.
United Kingdom, London.
July 1986

Kodak Instamatic 100     Made in Spain
Vintage print

Camera & film

2 December 2012

The Wine, Sanguis Christi # Vindemiatores, Grapegatherers, Vendimiadores

Group of grapegatherers after finishing the working day.
Spain, Albacete, Villarrobledo, El Berrueco.
Autumn 1991

G.Zuiko Auto-S  & film
Vintage Print

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The Wine, Sanguis Christi # Involucrum, Grape Skins, Orujo

1 December 2012

Landscapes 36/39 SCW # Battle of Madrid, Front line general headquarters of the putschist Generals Franco & Mola

Front line general headquarters, since 7 November 1936, of putschist Generals Francisco Franco & Emilio Mola during the Battle of Madrid . The son of Dr. Gregorio Marañon was in charge of the radio station installed in the chapel of the castle.
Spain, Madrid, Alcorcón, San José de Valderas.
December 1991

Vintage print

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Landscapes 36/39 SCW # Battle of Belchite
Exposure Tests