28 December 2012

Grandmasters # IGM Polgár Judit, "Piercing Eyes"

On the 160th anniversary of the birth of Leonardo Torres Quevedo
IGM Polgár Judit.
Best female player in the history of chess, Internacional Grandmaster and mother.
III Torneo Magistral Comunidad de Madrid achieving the best result for a woman in history,aged 17.
Spain, Madrid, Auditorio de la ONCE, Pº de la Habana, 208
7 May 1994
Miguel Illescas vs Judit Polgar

"Judit Polgár´s Piercing Eyes"
For many years I have wondered why this photo does not have focus.
Today I know the reason

More info here :
13 May 1994 Polgár Judit achieved a historic victory in Madrid by LEONTXO GARCÍA / El País
17 May 1994 "Worth working very hard" interview by LEONTXO GARCÍA / El País
Torneo Comunidad de Madrid, May 1994
Illescas Cordoba, Miguel (2590) vs. Polgar, Judit (2630)
Polgár Judit dot COM
Polgár Judit by Jaksa Tímea