16 April 2013

Landscapes 36/39 SCW # Torrelavega Mass Grave 251/2009 CANT

Inauguration of the funerary monument in honor of those buried in the not exhumed common grave at Geloria (La Llama) Cemetery in Torrelavega during Spanish Civil War and subsequent Francoist repression. Have been identified by certainty documentation 129 persons of which two thirds were streamlinings in the cemetery wall.
Spain, Cantabria, Torrelavega, Geloria (La Llama) Cemetery.                       listening
14 April 2004                                                                                              Olé by John Coltrane & Co.

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"Que nunca vuelva a suceder algo así, a nadie, en ningún lugar del mundo"
"That never happens again to no one and nowhere"

Mass Grave 251/2009 CANT, Memoria Histórica, Ministerio de Justicia, Gobierno de España

List of 129 identified persons with certainty documentary by Antonio Ontañon Toca & Dolores Puente-Asociación “Héroes de la República y la Libertad”

Rescued From Oblivion : Santander Civil Cemetery Mass Graves (and La Llama Cemetery Common Trench in Torrelavega) by Antonio Ontañón Toca, 2003.
Review by AHAZTUAK 1936-1977 (Estatu kolpea, errepresio eta frankismoagatik kaltetuak)
Review by Mikel Arizaleta / Rebelión
About Antonio Ontañón by Natalia Junquera
The Last Witness, EUROPA PRESS/20minutos.es, 7 February 2012.
Public Memory-The summary of the case of Judge Baltasar Garzón against Francoism / Público.es

Cantabria mass grave provisional map , Recuperación de la Memoria Histórica en Cantabria, Gobierno de Cantabria

Landscapes 36/39 SCW # Battle of Belchite
Landscapes 36/39 SCW # Battle of Belchite (II)
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